Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time to storm ...

It is getting close to "Time to storm .." but I am not sure what exactly needs storming. Yet.
What has got my goat this morning is yet another Amazon UK story.
Last year (2012), they reported sales of £4.2 billion, which looks like this:
They also received a grant from the Scottish government to develop a warehouse in Glasgow, in the amount of £24 million (or £2,400,000).
And they paid tax of £2.3 million (or £2,300,000).
Didn't they do well?
Most people in this country pay around 20% tax on their incomes. £20 for each £100.
Amazon paid 0.1%. 10p for each £100.
Meanwhile, families in this country earning bugger all are being forced to pay £20 or £30 per month for having an "extra" bedroom which they have only because councils can not provide suitable housing to begin with.
It is wrong and must stop!!

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