Sunday, March 24, 2013


Chris Huhne:
Remember him?
"It wasn't me honest... It wasn't me honest... It wasn't me honest... It wasn't me honest..."
"OK fair cop, it was me. I was only kidding" (or looking for another sap to share the dock with).

Well, I don't know about you but I have noticed over the course of the last couple of weeks a number of prominent people such as politicians, limp wristed luvvies and so-called celebrities saying they thought the sentence was too harsh.
Too harsh? Hmmm.
Forget the speeding offence, he was in court and sent down for perverting the course of justice. If he had a half decent lawyer, he would have pointed out the maximum sentence for this is life. That is life as in many years, lots of years in fact. Never mind 8 months!

Anyway, he has recently been moved to a nice comfy lodging at HMP Leyhill; a nice country estate style open prison where he can expect to live in relative comfort, with a few minor irritations.
Other people have served years for the same offence.
Remember Ali Dizaei? The scourge of the Met. He got 4 years for the same offence.
So shut up, all you tree huggers, yogurt knitters and fellow travellers.
Huhne got what was coming to him.
Now let's see how episode 2 works out when the CPS apply for some massive costs.

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