Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back Again!

It is high time I renewed my blogging. There was a hiatus caused by my working abroad in a place where blogging is not necessarily encouraged.
And, since my return to these shores last November, I find the country is in such a bloody state, it is difficult to know where to begin!
What do we have?
Well, government "manipulating" of employment statistics. (Some may call it lying but I am being generous).
Then the attempts to dismantle the National Health Service.
Or how about Tony Blair and his continued war mongering? 10 years after the catastrophe that befell Iraq, he is still advocating war with someone, anyone!
The economy perhaps? Or education maybe? Defence of the Realm?
How about the great British whingeing public? Christ, they can moan! About nothing!
I know! The government plan to create and encourage more misery in the Near East (I was brought up when the Middle East was a long way from the Mediterranean).
I thin kI shall make another cup of coffee and let the blogging begin...

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