Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Even more proof we are mental, part 2

Last week, the met office were predicting up to 2 feet of snow in the mountains of, among others, North Wales.
As forecast, the wind blew and the snow snowed and it was pretty horrible.
In today's news (26 March), it is reported that 3 dip sticks from Northumberland had to be rescued from Snowdon and 3 more from Warwick had to be rescued from nearby Tryfan having found the wind and snow were just too much for them.
No doubt these were allegedly intelligent people who decided that, in spite of the dire forecasts, a walk up the mountains in umpteen feet of snow, accompanied by raging blizzards and temperatures well below 0 would be a jolly good wheeze.
Well, if there was any justice at all in this country, these pillocks would be landed with a bloody big bill for the cost of their rescues!
And this on the day the government tells us that their new contract for rescue services will cost £1.6 Billion over 10 years. Doesn't that equate to £160 Million per annum?
Are they seriously trying to tell us that this is considerably less than the current costs? Remember, the units currently operating these services also have other day to day roles, particularly training etc. so their costs will be rolled up into the amount it costs to maintain and operate helicopter squadrons anyway.
The new contractor, Bristows, was originally a UK based company and retains strong links with the UK. I think it is time for a review of directors, shareholders etc in this company. Who knows what may turn up?

And a bit more; this week saw the last boiler at Didcot A power station being taken off line. Didcot, along with Fawley and a couple of others, is being scrapped because of the emissions resulting from their burning coal.
All over the UK, there is an unseemly scramble to whack up new power stations that burn LNG. Smashing, with only half the CO2 output of a coal fired power station, that must be good. Right?
Well, where does this gas come from? Not a lot coming form the North Sea at the moment so it is mainly imported.
In fact, in today's news it is reported that a big gas tanker, the Zarga, has just arrived in Milford Haven carrying 266,000 cubic metres of gas. And another arrived in Kent a few days ago.
hurrah! Just what we need; massive deliveries of LNG.
And between them, they carry enough gas to heat the UK for . . . . 12 hours!
12 bloody hours! Fast forward a little to a time when we need more of these shipments and there will be a solid, slowly moving line of gas tankers, stretching from Qatar to Pembroke.
Oh, and these tankers burn oil. What does burning oil mean? Co2 pumped into the atmosphere!
What is the point? Am I the only one apparently missing it?

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